Best Food in El Calafate: 17 Top Restaurants & Cafes for Food Lovers

By Lucas Vega

Best Food in El Calafate: 17 Top Restaurants & Cafes for Food Lovers

By Lucas Vega

Embark on a culinary odyssey for the best food in El Calafate. Nestled in the heart of Patagonia, El Calafate boasts a rich gastronomic heritage, inviting visitors to indulge in a diverse array of flavours. This comprehensive guide to El Calafate restaurants unveils the town’s culinary gems, drawing insights from reputable sources and catering to every palate. Whether you’re a dedicated food enthusiast or a casual traveler visiting Perito Moreno Glacier, this guide will help you discover not only the finest eateries but also recommendations from local hostels in El Calafate.

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Best Traditional Argentine Food in El Calafate

Parrilla Don Pichon

Parrilla Don Pichon stands out as an Argentinean barbecue haven, inviting patrons to savor a variety of meats grilled to perfection in a casual and inviting setting. The appetisers, including guanaco slices and blood sausage, are praised for their quality, while the dessert portions, though sweet, might be on the smaller side.

La Zaina Restaurant

For those in search of Michelin-starred elegance paired with the finest local, fresh game, La Zaina Restaurant emerges as a culinary gem. Boasting a warm interior, friendly waitstaff, and expert wine pairings, this restaurant provides the perfect setting for a relaxing meal after a day of sightseeing. Customer testimonials highlight the wonderful charm of the place, praising the friendly staff and quick service.

Restaurante Buenos Cruces

Restaurante Buenos Cruces caters to both meat and vegetarian lovers, offering a delectable menu filled with satisfying dishes. This culinary haven has earned a reputation for high-quality food paired with a friendly and open-minded staff. Whether you’re a meat enthusiast or prefer vegetarian options, Buenos Cruces ensures a gastronomic experience that lives up to its acclaim in the charming town.

Best Pizza and Pasta in El Calafate

La Lechuza Pizza y Pastas

La Lechuza Pizza y Pastas beckons with its delicious pizza, pasta, and empanadas, offering an authentic Italian-style thin crust that delights the taste buds. Located in the heart of El Calafate, this establishment is celebrated for its prompt and responsive service, making it a favourite among locals and tourists alike. The brick oven contributes to the authenticity of the pizza, providing a culinary paradise for lovers of Italian cuisine.

Restaurante La Cocina

When it comes to a charming blend of Italian and Argentine flavours, Restaurante La Cocina stands out. Serving up large portions of pasta, steak, and traditional dishes, this restaurant creates a delightful fusion for discerning palates. The friendly owner and welcoming atmosphere add to the overall dining experience, making it a must-visit for those seeking a taste of both Argentine and Italian culinary traditions in the heart of El Calafate.

Best Burgers in El Calafate

Cervecería Artesanal Chopen

Cervecería Artesanal Chopen, known for its craft beer and delicious Argentinian food, takes burger lovers on a unique culinary journey with its Guanaco burger, showcasing a distinct local flavour. Situated in a prime location in El Calafate, this establishment offers more than just great beer; it promises an immersive experience for those seeking the perfect blend of craft beverages and savoury delights.

Borges y Alvarez Libro-Bar

For a literary and culinary experience combined, Borges y Alvarez Libro-Bar stands as a small but vibrant spot in El Calafate. This bar not only offers craft beer but also serves as a haven for those looking to enjoy a mixed cheese and meat platter with a variety of Patagonian artisanal brews. The unique ambiance, surrounded by books, adds to the charm of this culinary destination, making it an excellent choice for a memorable meal in El Calafate.

Best Barbecue and Steak in El Calafate

La Tablita

La Tablita is celebrated as the go-to place for aficionados of grilled meat in El Calafate. With a reputation for excellence, it offers a menu full of smoky and flavorful experiences, including the renowned “ojo de bife” (grilled ribeye). The restaurant’s commitment to quality and the art of barbecue makes it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic and satisfying carnivorous feast.

Casimiro Biguá Parrilla & Asador Steak House

Casimiro Biguá Parrilla & Asador-Steak House stands out as a top-quality grill restaurant, wholly devoted to delivering the finest Argentinian steakhouse experience. From the polite service to the deliciously prepared steaks, the restaurant creates an atmosphere where patrons can indulge in the rich and savory traditions of Argentine barbecue. This establishment has secured its place among the most popular and esteemed restaurants in El Calafate.

Best Seafood in El Calafate

Los Amigos

Los Amigos offers a unique culinary experience, focusing on fresh fish dishes sourced from the region. With a commitment to simplicity and freshness, the restaurant’s menu highlights wild salmon and trout, creating a delightful and uncomplicated seafood experience for patrons seeking a taste of the local aquatic offerings.

Restaurant Mora

Recognised as a highly-rated fine dining establishment, Restaurant Mora specialises in exquisite seafood and fish dishes. From the incredible presentation to the carefully curated menu, the restaurant provides a dining experience that showcases the best of El Calafate’s seafood offerings. Situated at Rene Favaloro 3500, it stands as a testament to culinary excellence in the heart of Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Best International and Fusion in El Calafate

La Zorra Taproom

La Zorra Taproom stands out as a popular brewpub, tempting taste buds with top-notch craft beers and a diverse menu that promises a memorable dining experience. Located on Av. del Libertador 832, this establishment offers not only a variety of beers but also a welcoming ambiance and wheelchair accessibility, ensuring a delightful fusion of craft brews and culinary delights.

Isabel Cocina al Disco

Isabel Cocina al Disco brings a unique twist to traditional Argentine cuisine by preparing dishes on discs originally used for plowing fields. This culinary approach results in a diverse menu featuring meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. While the exact location remains unspecified, Isabel Cocina al Disco promises a fusion of flavours that showcases the rich culinary heritage of the region, making it a must-try for those seeking an innovative dining experience in El Calafate.

Best Cafes and Desserts in El Calafate

Pura Vida

Pura Vida stands as a culinary haven in El Calafate, offering an eclectic atmosphere and delectable home-cooked delights. With a vegetarian menu and enchanting views of Lago Argentino, this restaurant provides an unforgettable dining experience. The eclectic atmosphere, coupled with the charm of a vegetarian menu, makes Pura Vida a unique choice for those seeking delightful desserts in El Calafate.


Acuarela, an ice cream shop, delights visitors with a variety of gelato flavours. With a daily routine of satisfied customers, it stands out as a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. The enticing array of gelato options ensures that Acuarela is a go-to destination for those with a sweet tooth, providing a refreshing break during explorations in El Calafate.

Olivia Bagels & Coffee Shop

Olivia Coffee Shop, a casual haven, provides the perfect atmosphere with croque monsieurs, fresh donuts, and coffee made from whole-bean Colombian coffee. Frequented by both locals and tourists, it offers a delightful experience for both work and leisure. The combination of savoury snacks, sweet treats, and quality coffee makes Olivia Coffee Shop a must-visit for those seeking a cozy and satisfying break in El Calafate.


In conclusion, El Calafate emerges as a gastronomic paradise, offering a diverse culinary landscape that caters to every palate. From the sizzling delights of traditional Argentine barbecue at Parrilla Don Pichon to the Michelin-starred elegance of La Zaina Restaurant, the city’s restaurants showcase the rich tapestry of flavours rooted in local and international influences. Whether you’re a meat enthusiast, a pizza lover, a seafood connoisseur, or a vegan adventurer, El Calafate’s restaurants promise a delightful journey through the diverse flavours of Argentine cuisine. Looking for more to do in El Calafate? Check out our comprehensive guide to visiting Upsala and Spegazzini Glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park. Safe travels!

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